Weird idle rev then stall problem

  • Just had a bit of an odd one with my relatively new MX3 (which I will admit needs a service!

    Get home, park up, let the engine idle while I close the windows etc. Then notice its revving and then slowing of its own accord, and after about 7-10 seconds, stalls. Start it up again, rev it up to 4000, and then back down, and it was still doing it… didn't let it stall that time and just turned it off.

    All gauges normal. warning lights off etc!

    I'm wondering if this is connected to a problem I've been having with it in 2nd (and occasionally 1st) of it kangarooing quite a bit if I'm trying to drive on the edge of the throttle (IE Slowly up my road with speed bumps!)

    Any ideas whether this is a problem? Or has the ECU just got confused?

    Will be ringing around tomorrow to get service quotes, but would like to have an idea if this is a problem or not!

  • id say say its a problem, it could be a number of things from, throttle body, to crud in the fuel line, timing incorrectly set…...

    i'd have it checked while its getting a service

  • Its never done it before so I'm not overly worried. But indeed, will see if it does it tomorrow and then take it in for a service and mention it.

    Could well be crud in the fuel I suppose…bloody kangerooing would have shaken up any crap in the tank lol! And the fuel filters will need doing methinks!

  • hi there. i had a similar problem. take a look at this topic…..

    may help!

  • @37ade99df2=4:

    hi there. i had a similar problem. take a look at this topic…..

    may help!

    Thanks! Most helpful. Wasn't going as high as 2000 though, mine idles at about 700-1000rpm. Didn't do it this morning so thinknig it might have been a patch of rubbish in the fuel filter or similar…


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