More Nightstalker driving fun

  • Come on guys! When are we gonna get a video section seriously!?

    First vid is of me driving through the tyne tunnel, I really wanted to floor it but it's a 30 limit and full of cameras

    This vid is of me testing the balls of some douche in a Passat, he was up my ass for about 10 miles passing me and then slowing down so I thought I'd see how big his balls were, apparently not very big.

  • what camera are you using? Wish id got a video the other day, had some bloke in a stickered up turboed (had the dump valve sound) scooby revving at me at the lights in town, booted it and left him standing, was pretty surprised as Ive not yet gone head to head with anyone in the mx3 so was very impressed to have actually got a good lead on someone in a turboed scooby.

  • I'm just using my Sony Cybershot digital camera attatched to the drivers window using a suction mount from ebay that I got for a few quid, spot on :D

  • had a contour hd head camera for when I play paintball, thats good, records at 720p, think they got a 1080 out now, paid 280quid for it, not worth the money tbh, the go pro hero does a good/better job and is about half the price, plus waterproof, my pocket camera is rubbish at videos, its a canon something or other


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