Incoming DJ Spammage :)

  • Glad to see you back on bud :)

  • Yes I am back, after the stress of moving house and still no proper broadband because SKY are cants and still havent activated my line 5 weeks on so I bought a dongle for the PC so I am surfing the net again but not got the speed to upload pictures or video yet so they will have to wait.

    Lots have been going on while I have been moving.

    I decatted the car
    I have had her Dyno'd a little disappointed but thinking back its not too bad- loads of pix + a video to upload
    Had the wheels on Equipe 2 shot blasted + all parts ready to fit to get her road worthy
    Raced a GTfour + didnt lose :shock: :shock: - now I have gained some respect for mx3s in my local jap club after that baby

    Bit of a project started at work too that I will be putting pix up of soon
    I found the old broken garnish, glued it all back together and rebuilt the missing corners and have now 75% completed making a fibreglass mold of it.
    Have blagged just enough Carbon Fibre to make 1 carbon garnish at the moment but the mold will be there to churn out a load of fibreglass garnishes as and when required or carbon if I can find it cheap enough.
    I am doing this at work alongside some laminating I am currently doing so I am just using left overs to make it but I have been told to do that in overtime as we are too busy so will get it finished this week hopefully and get the first carbon garnish done by mid march :D :D

    Other than that, nowt has changed just have nice neighbours now and a lot more room :D :D

  • Forgot to add, there is also yet another MX3 near where I work, a standard V6 driven by an older person but…....

    ITS BARBIE PINK :oops: :oops:

    It looks awful, its completely standard but sprayed pink

  • Welcome back fella ….

    now as for a pink mx nah surely not its prob red thats been SERIOUSLY NEGLECTED and turned pink.. you gotta get pics mate really just for the laugh...


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