Engine swap

  • I see there are alot of threads that a mx-6 2.5l engine with exchange easily but Is it ossible to drop an rx7 turbo engine in or is it easier installing the mx-r engine and trying to add a conversion.
    Or is there any standard turbo engine that would fit easily.
    Thanks for any responses, i want to have everything decided before I start.

  • id help with the rx7 swap, then u can be part of welly developments unusual conversion,

    engine in horizontal,different gear box, wiring is going to be a fucker but who cares.

    rx7 engine have a few problems, rotary arms, and if u blow the tips thats 3k to folk out.

  • y would u want too, the rx7 is sexy as it is!!

  • modifying is about me different!

    my mums boyfriend thinking about making a rx7 powerd trike :shock:

  • As previously said DIFFERENT is the key. Need I say more. I know the RX-7 is class performance standard so is the mx-3 for original looks, so smash then together and its new.
    WHY NOT??

  • Each to their own, dont come crying to me when the engine gets to 60k and pops!lol

  • dude rx7 in to mx3-… sounds like danger and engine and you either sitting in a bush or the window being covered in oil etc.

  • cannot physically be done well obv anything cna be done if u got the money.
    but for ptracticality sake just get a klze nos +turbo and u got more bhp then an rotary with half the cost. also check mx-3 i believe the engine dosent even fit in our cours the only way to do it would be to have a tubualar frame chasis too make the body look like a mx-3 if u check mx-3.com they have a picture showing it. but like i said your talking big BIG BIG Money to get it done

  • Cheers KAMI, guess your answer is straight and too the point. I was playing with ideas trying to decide BEFORE I start, I want something new. But don't want to get a mortgage to do it. Fair points back to more stupid ideas.

  • What about a mazda xedos engine im sure there is a 2.5 version, but wouldnt know if its better than the mx 6 2.5?

  • The simple answer is how much money do you have?

    You can either do for:

    £900 - KLZE (197 BHP) and the easiest swap by far. Engine, CU, Clutch, Service.

    £??? - KLDE/KLZE Turbo (250+ BHP) This is a custom fabrication swap, not easy at all. Price depends on how much you intend to fabricate your self, but £2,500 - £3,000 is a rough price if you get a garage to buy it all and do it for you. Engine, Clutch, Gearbox, Axels Dyno, Custom Turbo Manifolds, Fueling

    £??? - BPT/BPD (300+ depends on what turbo you go for) You can get big BHP out of this engine as it has been done in the past, but is not a straight forward swap. To get it up and going your looking at around £3,000 Engine, Axels, Clutch, Dyno, ECU, Wiring, gearbox, Turbo, Fueling

  • gt4 engine anyone 8)


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