Rear number plate light Rusted Housing-help

  • Does anyone know what I can do with the housing metal that the rear numberplate lights attach to? It has completely rusted out.

    It seems a very bad design with bloody great holes in the bumper that aren't covered by a boot.

    I don't think I will ever get the rear bumper off to replace the metal bit, so any ideas would be good.

    Daily runner and VERY limited funds.

    Thanks. Matt.

  • Bond it in permanently with silicone, thats been my fix for everything since it is near impossible to remove, never cracks, never breaks and remains flexible, so no amount of vibration will ever get it to work loose. The only downside is that you wont be able to change the number plate bulbs if they blow

  • DJMarcoPolo has a great fix for this… Can't remember where he posted it..

    PM him and ask him his solution... he'll more than likely be happy to help you out.

  • I think DJ is still offline and moving House etc,
    you should however be able to search his old posts
    for the info.

  • PVC Window offcut bud.

  • That's similar to what I used - some 3" wide conduit type plastic, cut out the holes and job done. Or you can just self tap right through the lights into the bumper. Bit ghetto though.

  • I used an LED strip and wired it in (stuck just above the recess and with a thin strip of plastic to stop it from shining backwards) and that works (a little too well).

  • Can't believe I got so many replies so quickly.

    As long as all those fixes will pass an MOT in a few months then thats great .

    thanks guys.

  • Hello well I am back on, the easiest fix for this is a piece of plastic or wood whatever you want with 2 boy racer white LED windscreen washer jets fitted to it with the jets facing out, they give perfect light, completely waterproof and your number plate has that fantastic white LED glow to make it stand out

    Poundland do the jets for er um about a pound lol


  • (thanks dj i found the fix in your posts after looking through about 500 or so :) )

    I have a light bar already which i'm going to check tonight.

    Just out of interest i have just taken of the rocker cover, scraped off the silicone sealant, pried off the old gasket, replaced, changed the oil and filter. That's a big job for me knowing nothing about cars.

    Well, I say "I"….. I supervised lol


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