Interest thread : Plastic front splitter

  • Ok so how many would be interested in buying a
    black plastic front bumper wind splitter like the one I made:

  • me please and how much

  • +1

  • around about 50 quid each at the moment.

  • this is tempting as mine is currently in two pieces due to a badger attack at 40 miles an hour!
    how easy are they to fit?

  • it need to be attached underneath the original splitter
    using nut/bolts and some 'U' clips

  • I'm up for one! thought it was cf though.. :lol:

  • They would be made from acrylic perspex,
    nothing stopping you covering it in CF vinyl though.

    I may also be able to supply the splitter support rods
    exactly like these for 20 quid a pair.

  • Maybe we should make a list with those interested and if they want the supports or not. How much buyers do you need to lower the prices?

  • That is already at a Forum discounted price im afraid.
    Postage within UK is 8.50GBP
    Postage to Netherlands is 18GBP
    Postage to Canada/USA is 30GBP

  • i would like the spliiter and surport rods and i think i will be carbon wraping it too

  • Ok so ive made the template!
    Final size is going to be 1380mm x 240mm x 5mm
    and will protrude (ie, stick out) 80mm past the front of the
    original splitter.

    Couple of different options for the back section:
    I can either cut straight across wich will create
    and undertray almost, but be more tricky for you
    to mount, or I can cut it contouring the original
    shape of the splitter making it easier to mount
    with 'U' clips.. however I can make provisions
    for attaching to the original splitter by way of pilot
    holes if you wanted the full undertray, but im not sure
    that alone would hold it, it may need bracing to the subframe
    also…im unsure at the moment.

    The splitter support rods are for the very front of the
    splitter to stop the leading edge flapping at speed.

    let me know your thoughts please Guys :)

  • any input ? :P

  • me personly for me i would be better not cut it to creat a under tray but keeping the option open for cutting to the splitter for easy fitting

    when it come to it i would like it not cut please

  • OK so if I dont cut it at the back it creates an undertray
    and if I do cut it at the back there is no undertray,
    so guess I'll just leave them blank at the back but
    scribe the line there so you know where to cut to
    follow the contour of the original splitter rear section if you want too.

    This would be cut at the rear:

    uncut at the rear would be obvously be straight across the back. :)

  • I suppose uncut would be good if you have one of those induction kits that point down to the floor, help a bit with keeping water off the filter, but personally, i'd rather have it cut cos im too lazy to cut myself :p
    Saying that though, depending when you're doing them I might not have the money to go in on it anyway as all my money is going into trying to get the car fixed up to a decent condition :(


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