Nick's - project V6 1993

  • Thought i'd add mine, just got a crash damaged MX3 cost £100 quid. V6. engines ace, just needs servicing. but hit front. Planning to add body kit prob Veno or uni. Will add pictures soon. The car has great potential just needs TLC.
    Used to have mazda 323 v6, I know mazda's v6 are fun.
    Will update soon.

    Anyone know any GOOS bodyshops in north london area.

  • Ultimate Veloctiy are an amazing body shop, not in London though.

  • buy mine and just use the engine, gearbox and driveshafts from your v6 to put in mine!!!

    Your have a Max power top 100 show car then for a third of the price it would cost to build one!!!

  • How much u want for it?

  • 4k as you see it…

    The hydros cost me 2k alone!!!

  • Its not the money thats the issue, I've had dare I say it a mint Saxo vts show car but was all done by paying shops. I brought this cause I want to get my hands dirty. Will never look as hot as your but I will have done it myself, exept the respary which is why I won't the bodyshop. £1300 for full bodykit and car prep and respray. Any1 know of others.


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