Head gasket on a de!

  • right i've just bought a redicloucly cheap klde but one of the heads is gone! so i need bullet proof guide on changing it. i've 3 weeks to get rid of the car from when it arrives.

    the car is being kept roughly 100km from where i live and i plan on dumping the k8 into the sheel to add weight to scrap it!

  • Best thing is the workshop manual, but a few other things:

    Be very careful cleaning the block (use something softer than alu) I use the alu from floppy disc covers, but even then need to be careful
    Check block is straight
    Check head is straight, probably advisable getting a few thou skimmed off it
    Torque using the sequence in the manual
    Clean the threads of the bolts and block to ensure torque is true
    Check to make sure you're head bolts aren't out of stretch spec - or just get new ones or blow a load on ARP studs :/
    Use a trustworthy torque wrench
    Replace the oil control rings whilst you're there
    Decide if you can be assed doing valve stem seals and lapping whilst it's off

    Congrats on the purchase!

  • do you have a workshop manual?
    i will be buying arp bolts in the future along with some nice thick H pattern rods :wink: picked up the car for 100 with a head gasket gone!

  • should i bother doing it as the car is running just over heats after a while? pull the engine out and do it off the car? timing belt the whole lot?


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