Sad to be leaving but look at my next car :-)

  • I am very sad to be leaving the forum ( i might stay signed up to help people where i can ) but I have my eyes on a new car. obviously staying japanese its a subaru legacy 2.0 NON TURBO ( insurance ) what do all you lot think.
    If all goes well i will slap a deposit down tomoro. I know it wont be that quick but just look at it :lol: would be great for car shows etc
    any comments would be greatly appreciated ( i would get a non turbo scooby but the insurance is ridiculus because its a scooby, this is the next best thing )

  • Thats round my way!!!

    If ya comin up… let me know!!! :wink:

  • Thats round my way!!!

    If ya comin up… let me know!!! :wink:

    I always like Legacy's... Good choice in my book!!!

  • lol i will let you know. hopefully i will be able to pick it up this weekend. he has offered me £500 px for my mazda which i am seriously considering as i now have 29 watchers and no bids pmsl. what are they like on fuel, parts etc

  • Fuel economy always depends on how you drive.. but 30mpg Motorway and 20odd Urban average is standard.. no real difference from the MX.

    Parts, i don't know… shouldn't be too hard to get bits 'n' pieces for it.. obviously ebay and the likes rather than main Dealer will always be cheaper.

  • id be happy with 30mpg lol. I have quite a heavy right foot. only thing that will annoy me is that saxos will be able to beat me again haha. could always get a turbo kit for it i suppose :wink: it would be nice to have a 4x4 due to all the snow we seem to get nowadays lol.

  • Nice looking motor mate, will you be passing through Cirencester on the way or straight up the old m5 to Glos…

  • no idea mate, wherever the satnav takes me. got someone viewing my car on friday and a phone offer of £600. is that a fair price for the mazda?

  • @8e555888b5=daniel:

    no idea mate, wherever the satnav takes me. got someone viewing my car on friday and a phone offer of £600. is that a fair price for the mazda?

    Well its better than the £500 the dealer is offering, plus you'll not be tied to buying that legacy if thats what you fancy, have a look around a try and find a cheaper one….........

  • Nice looking tractor :lol:

    No, that does look nice bud. I'd be very surprised if that will be bothered by Saxos fella, judging by the look of it, it may have been fettled with by a previous owner. And seeing as I can wipe the arse off a Saxo VTR in my 1.6 MX3 then I'm sure the 2.0 l Legacy engine could too.

    You've got to remember most Saxo drivers who will try it on will be young and only have done a filter mod and more than likely put 17's on, the Saxo drivers who are older and know better and have tuned the engine will know they could wipe out a few things so won't bother (even if you try and bait them).

  • I hope so as i really hate chav cars. i have never owned one and i never will. I look out for something different. the legacy only has 123hp from new though which does worry me a bit lol. but i guess its more of a pimp car than a racer. as will smith once said "2 miles an hour so everybody sees you" haha. yeah my 1.8 mx3 was quite happy to push along a chaved up st24 which was pretty funny as he didnt quite expect the power of the little white thing behind him pmsl

  • Ok guys, now that the mazda mx-3 has gone :cry: i am obviously looking for a new car. the subaru is a bit outta my price range at the moment but i am considering buying a mazda xedos 6 2.0V6. I would love to hear anything about them from you guys, good points, bad points anything really. I love the look of them and at a guess would say it will drive very similar to the mx-3. please let me know. THANKS :)

  • is the xedos 9 abit too large for you?, cheap to buy and choice of 2.5 or 2.3 supercharged… tempting!

  • yeah i would love the xedos 9 but all the ones i have seen for sale are auto. only thinking of the 6 because its cheap to insure and i think they are gorgeous looking cars. kind of jaguar esq. na the 9 isn't too big as i have had numerous mondeos and they are about the same size. the 6 looks more fun to drive :)

  • yes the xedos 6 is a great looking car even better with the leather interier can't fault you for thinking about getting one. It's a car I've allways fancied.


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