MX-6 V6 Injectors

  • Are they "a nice upgrade" on the MX-3???

  • No point unless the engine comes with them ;)

    The k8 injectors are plenty adequate for the k8 engine, so unless you're doing something to shove more air in there's no need.

  • marco did you run the millenia injectors when you were boosted ? or did you find the low psi was fine for existing ?

  • i was looking on ebay and someone was selling 900cc mx6 injectors :shock:

    onluy the fact i didnt have 200 spare

  • lol 900cc would require some serious boost!

    Garfy I was fine with standard on the less than 5 psi boost I was running. Had fuel pressure at about 45psi and don't think I was ever near excessive duty cycle or going static.

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