• Hi all, I am going to say AU REVOIR for a while, the house move is nearly complete and i am on a timer with when the phone and broadband gets cut off so I could vanish back into reality very soon.

    I will try and drop in as and when and to keep up to date with Japfest mainly but life is crazy at the moment so I will give you all a rest from my bargain searching and the spotted section can get a rest too LOL

    Hopefully back here by march, with all this spare time on my hands and a garage now I will probably swamp my project pages to fill the time with the mountain of parts to fit and fix

    Take Care all :cry: :cry:

  • have a good move, well as good as it can get anyhow!!.

    see you back here soon!. :)

  • hope the move gose smoothly for you have fun

  • I'll jump in and say I'm moving next weekend so same to me :(

    Good luck with yours DJ!

  • Good luck with your moves and thanks for your help.

  • You both moving locally or to new pastures??

  • Good luck! Hope its somewhere with a nice big garage and car lift :wink:

  • have fun guys, its gonna be quiet around here lol

  • I am just moving locally, much bigger and better and room for more cars LOL so I can now work in a flat driveway and have somewhere other than the cupboard under the stairs for all my tools.

    Cant wait to get out, my old next door neighbour was a cnt and caused endless problems as well as a couple of fist fights with the idiot ( shouldnt wait for me to go out and threaten my wife the big pssy)

    The new cul de sac looks nice, met a couple of residents and they all seem car mad, there are 10 houses in the cul de sac and in there they have a Nissan 350z, porsche convertable, S2000, street Ka, 4 x mercedes and the old people have the usually toyotas etc so they will have the pleasure of my battered old MX now too hahaha

    Back in a few weeks :wink:

  • Moving a little way down the road, (bout 2 miles) tho, 6 car parking bays for me and the misses, bigger house, car port + garden & shed.

    Going to love it, I can work on the car in the dry!

  • Best of luck guys. It's gonna be like a ghost town around here until you'se are back!

  • Best of luck fella, hope you settle in well. I live in a cul de sac, its quite nice!


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