It's been a bad day !!!

  • A Peugeot 308 decided to hit the MX today. Lots of damage, Front bumper smashed ,all n/s lights, n/s wing, n/s door, n/s front wheel was pointing in the opposite direction to the other one. I kicked the front wheel straight and tried to move car to the side of the road, but there was no drive. Looks like the Drive shaft has either popped out or is knackered or both.
    Reckon it's going to be an uneconomical repair, so might have a lot of parts to sell if that is the case. Will keep you posted.

  • Aw shit dude!!! bad news.. hope no one was hurt!!!

    A lot of damage…. Not a good sign... Keep us posted

    Good Luck!!


  • I am sorry to learn of your woes.

    If you need any practical help with the claim I happen to be well informed as I was once responsible for resolving insurance claim disputes. Fell free to ask if you need any help.

  • which mx was it as you have too listed?, either way sounnds gutting. Wasit parked up or were you driving ?

    Bad news tho :(

  • It's the MX (not the Eunos), the one I took to Japfest last year. For anybody who was there.

  • The Peugeot was parked at the side of the road and decided to pull out just as I was passing him. The impact pushed the Peugeot into the back of the parked BMW that was in front him. The Peugeot ended up squashed between me and the BMW, the front end of it was a wedge shape :lol:

  • Bad news, but good news is that you are ok, if its their fault I'm sure you might have got some sort of whiplash too :wink:

  • Boo! That's such bad luck, think I'd go mad if someone pulled out onto mine.

    I'd be happy to buy your carbon bonnet if you did part, been after one for years :-(

  • thats terrible, glad your ok mate, real shame about the car..

  • :shock: Spooky! I very nearly had something similar happen this morning. Do people just not look before pulling out or something? :? Idiots.

    Terrible shame about the car, at least you're alright though which is the main thing. Hopefully the insurance goes through nice and smoothly!

    Edit: Seem to remember your car having the altezza rear lights? Dibs if you break it?

  • I just noticed that in my project thread, the photos are not there anymore, think I moved them in photobucket, will repost them so you can see the car as it was :cry:
    When I get a chance I will post some pics of what it looks like now.
    I'm pretty certain that the insurance assessor will reckon that the repair would be more than the value of the car.

  • Yes if your thinking, we are like vultures on a good mx breaking!

  • This is the damage that can be seen, fortunately the bonnet wasnt damaged.

  • Would agree, thats gonna be a write off I reckon too, BUT its an easy repair with second hand parts, buy the car back off the insurance company and get her fixed back up, if you really love the car, buy another and make 1 good one out of the 2! and then break the remaining car you have left!!

  • Sorry to hear about the accident, other drivers should stay off the roads when proper cars are about huh? ;) hope you're okay. My first mx was written off due to someone else driving through it, so I know how you are feeling.
    if you do end up breaking her for spares, and I hope you don't have too, I'm after a couple of parts too :p
    mainly an AC condenser, and that damned air pipe that we all love xD

  • Shiiiit. Bad news fella (it still looks better than mine though :wink: ) and at least the bonnet survived! Hope you can get it sorted.


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