Repairing urethane

  • Bought some J-Spec sides (:D). One skirt is pretty much perfect, the other is in 2/3 pieces and needs to be repaired – Don't know for certain how bad it is as I'm not collecting 'til Sunday.

    I don't think fiberglass adheres well to urethane, so using that is out. Anyone have any ideas on how to repair it? I'm pretty much stuck....


  • Plastic welding with a soldering Iron?? If not I'm sure you could get some epoxy resin and fibreglass chopped strand mat, epoxy is an excellent bonding resin, needs to be applied in the right conditions mind

  • you can get plastic weld glue that might work

  • Go with the Gulf ryan, proper epoxy resin is the way to go for that stuff just make sure you clean it incredibly well and rough the surface up with some harsh sandpaper on the rear. then add some matt or fibreglass tape and some support on the rear like some lolly sticks, to really strengthen the back

    PS get the mixtures spot on too - if you do a fast set the mix with extra hardener it can get so hot it will start smoking and can damage the item being plastic

  • Cheers for the advice guys :) Think I've found some epoxy that'll do the job.

    Not collecting today though which is a shame, the person wasn't around and will give me a buzz when they're back. Hope they aren't reneging on the deal :?


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