Need help with klze swap in the east midlands area.

  • hi im 21 and have an 1996 mx-3 1.6 soon to be a b6t when i can fund the cash to get place in coventry to replace my ecu witha new standalone ecu anywho this is my run about car and i dont care much about it has scratches here and there and i just use it to ferry about everywhere. anywho back on topic.

    my friend had a 1992 1.8v6 mx-3 the body work is brilliant condition but engine bless its cotton socks was on its last compression stroke 3 days ago it finally gave way he reckon the cam belt slipped casing it snap the crank and therefor cave in the engine . i dont know im not a mechanic dont really know much about cars but i do research alot on em as i like them. basically i dont like doing my own work on my car because im afraid i will screw it up. but if u guys i have motocross bike that neeeds looking ring me up i used to race em and know em inside and out. wow i digrace alot. basically i bought the clappedu p banger off him for 100 pound :)

    im hoping u see where this is going :D i thought well the engines shagged and im now in the process of ordering a kl-ze i was gonna use corksport but thanks to people here i have now discovered a cheaper alternative (special thanks to people who found this outlet u litrully saved me and future people doing the swap like between £700-£1000 i.e nippon-spares)

    from wot i ve read and researched i need the clutch from 1.8cluth from corksport and the mazdaspeed engine mounts. is there anything else i will need besides the obviouse replacing off the belts etc and basically im asking if anyone know of a place who will do the swap for me or if i give money to people who done the swap b4 will they do the swap for me??

  • 1. You can keep the stock engine mounts if you want. You see the KLZE is based on the same block as the K8 found in the MX3, thats mhy it is so easy to swap. Most people fill thier stock MX3 mounts with polyeurathene to stiffen them up a bit.

    2. You can also keep the stock clutch if you want, but alot of people swap the clutch at the same time as the engine because if you have already got the engine out what better chance are you going to have to put in a new clutch. ( If you put in a new clutch, best to get the old flywheel re-surfaced and lightened )

    3. You do need to get hold of a KL31 or KL36 ECU, costs around £75 - £100

    4. You may as well do a new full gasket set on the new engine, but you don't have to.

  • I might end up doing this conversion with him, mx-3 owners help each other out.

  • well bin upto see welly and it seems like we will be starting this adventure next wednesday (dropping 1.8 out) didnt realise welly was 16 so bit worried about him dropping in a klze in but he knows alot more bout cars than me and seems to know wot hes doing ill be taking lots of pictures and posting up on forums to show everyone so wish me luck and dont let me down welly :D

    ps need a little help could u show me where i need to extend the wires on tps so it matches the klze any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I want let you down bud.

    just try not to get many pictures with me in them haha.

    Wish us luck :!:

  • 16 chist.

    you a car jacker or something. lol :lol:

  • no!

    been involved with 1 engine conversion which was built and sold, and now the gt4 mx3.

    and Kami's KLZE.

    Valley you can call me a car jacker when uv'e seen results.

  • just playing. as not many 16 year olds around my area have anything interesting to do rather that just try breaking in to cars trash them and jack up on crack.

    ps love the project your working on now. looks good. how long you been doing cars etc.

  • fair play mate, if u got the time and money, do it
    i was 12, wen i started buying selling and modifying boats
    and 15 wen i got my escort and chucked a rst lump and cossi kit on it
    never too young

  • Been playing with cars since i was 9.

    had a Honda Civic Shuttle on drive ready for scrap and i started taking parts off it, and it all evolved from there really.

    starting to go to collage aswell, be a qualifed mechanic at the end of it.

  • humm new i should of done something else apart from rugby.
    o'well. good on ya all.

    just got some news. i might have a job over summer in spray shop. so getting experience.

  • faior play mate, all sounds good fun,
    id planned to build the escort from wen i was a little kid with my dad,
    we went round putting stickers on any bodys mint mk 5 3 door escorts that we could find lol
    then jus passed my 15 th birthday he got diagnosed with lukeimia and after 9 months lost his battle.
    so the car was built in memory of him really.
    unfortunatley due do a rustly floor and a shunt twisting the chassi, so did the escort eventually
    great fun building it tho

  • Sorry to here that mate.

  • yea, it was a bit of a nightmare, aswell as moving at the same time which meant the car had to be trailed to the new house, i wasnt the most popular member of my family. worked out in the end though.

  • meh after deciding wot to do and thinking it over im gonna do it jonos way and just pay a garge to do it :) so hopefully now i dont have to worry bout all the wiring and stuff which is gonna be cool :) ill show u pics though none the less.

  • Your paying some one else to do it.
    you not learning anything about it.

    i hate it when people take the easy way out.

    do conversions your sell then u learn

  • admin


    meh after deciding wot to do and thinking it over im gonna do it jonos way and just pay a garge to do it so hopefully now i dont have to worry bout all the wiring and stuff which is gonna be cool ill show u pics though none the less.

    Umm… when did I ever say I had a garage do it!!!!!!! My swap was performed IN MY GARAGE by myself and me dad... dont put me down like that dude!!


  • sorry man my bad oh well u can all say wot u want truth is im paying for mine to be installed and meh its klze in mx-3 dosent matter who puts it in as long as it goes like a bat out of hell once its in there.


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