Adjustable steering column

  • The original owners manual is delightfully Japanese and full of features that arent actually included on the UK spec model I have.

    I did notice that some models were factory fitted with adjustable steering columns. I assume this was for the US market where average body mass is slightly higher than in europe or japan. I also assume that US spec cars and spares are relatively uncommon over here.

    However I am a big bloke and I confess my getting in and out of the MX3 can be an amusing sight. So I wondered if anyone knew anything about fitting an adjustable column to a UK spec car from another markets model or from a Mazda that shares the floor pan.

    Let me know what you know.

  • Get one from a AZ3, Presso, direct swap then.

    No you can't have mine.

  • Pity I sold that Eunos it had it in it, I did have a UK one that had it fitted and did find that the steering wheel doesnt go any higher it is set at the highest point

    The other way round that a lot of small boats do is cut the bottom of the wheel off or get a smaller wheel with power steering it wont get much tougher to drive or get one of these ….......

  • could get a snap-off steering wheel boss?

  • My SE has it and my V6 doesn't. It really doesn't look like a simple job to change over…


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