One Reason I Love my MX3

  • I love cars that dont look much but deliver lots.

    My MX3 does just that.

    I was reminded on Sunday when a newish range rover which had been biting my arse at the speed limit all the way so far decided to overatke that silly little car as we exited the roundabout onto the dual carriageway.

    We were 4 up in the car and after I had floored her in second and left the rangie dead I couldnt resist a little chuckle. He overtook us shortly afterwards but I like to think it was to get a closer look at the car. He was of course greeted by four big grins as he passed.

    I wondered why others love their MX3s so much.

  • Get an induction kit and high flow exhaust and it sounds amazing!. Every time I drive it I can't help but touch that redline. It is an awesome sound the v6. And great that it sounds unlike any other car unlike most 4 cyl with sports exhaust.
    Everyone I see compliments on how nice it sounds.
    As for looks ive always been a coupe / hatchback lover. Don't think I could ever get on with a 4 door saloon or massive 4x4.
    The cars getting on a bit now but honestly don't think there is anything I would want to swap it for.
    Only other cars I look at are kit cars ( alot of money!) Jdm civic type r in White (2002 ish ) alot of money for age. rx7s ( engine rebuilds :-( ) unless one of those above came in at right price I'd be happy to keep the mx for years to come!.

  • I love the look and sound more than anything, and the way the engine pulls so effortlessly, being able to drive around in 5th at 20mph and not get any judder is great ( Im lazy I know :p )
    So she's not the fastest thing on 4 wheels, but for a stock car with zero mods, I still get looks from everyone in mcdonalds when I roll through the drive through and they get to hear what a car with a real engine sounds like instead of an exhaust pipe oh a hair dryer :p


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