• Easy job should take less than an hour for both mirrors with minimal effort.

    You will need
    A decent phillips screwdriver

    Firstly remove the door card, there are screws in different places in different sizes on either side and these locations are marked with green pointers on the photos below

    When the screws are removed all that is holding the door card on is soft push clips.

    Firmly pull the card towards you from the bottom corner and work your way around at the bottom of the card until it is free and lifts up.

    Remove the plastic cup from behind the interior door handle and then pull the bottom of the card vertically this will release the door card as it naturally sits on the door at the top by the window.

    There will be wires inside the door card that can unclipped to take the card away but not necessary for this job

    On the inside where the mirror is mounted is a black cover this is simply clipped on, firmly pull this and it will pop off.

    Under here you will see 4 large phillips screws, these need to be undone leaving the top one last so it doesnt suddenly drop or spin scratching your door paint.
    ( I have used some old screws I found on the floor as these were after market mirrors in the picture below)

    The cables are just under the mirror inside the door and are visible under the edge of the protcetive film inside, pull this back a bit and the nearest plug to the mirrors (usually white or blue if they are power folding) will just pull apart.

    The mirrors are now free to change.


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