Back to 3 cars again

  • Just bought another car today, I will be travelling from southampton to sheffield by train saturday morning and driving it back.

    I know that sounds bonkers especially as its an AZ-3 1.5 but it has tons of JDM extras that I want and its painted noble green so no need for respraying.

    Its taxed and MOT'd til august and will be available for sale again at the end of the month after I have de-JDM'd it for my car :D :D

  • Pics?????

  • Two things DJ

    First Off,

    I want to give you this

    The say, do you just to this to MX3's?

  • LOL lori, they way I do my cars is to buy non runners and repair or buy them for their parts then resell so they dont cost me anything and the next owner is non the wiser.
    I am just after the JDM parts you can see the front splitter, in the pic and its all the same colour as mine so I also save on respray bills when I swap them.
    I am pretty sure this was the one with folding mirrors too but will find out, I will also own a wraparound spoiler now too.
    The car will be back on sale when the documents turn up for what it cost me to get the car and buy it, its the best way to modify on a budget.

    My daily equipe will be JDM blinged and still it has only cost me under £700 so far since buying it plus £300 on the other equipe and for all the parts to do a major service

  • Good plan tbh, My mate does it with the older MR2s.

  • @1ec92c0399=Lori:

    Good plan tbh, My mate does it with the older MR2s.

    You just need £500 sat in the bank and then it opens up a whole world of extras as that seems the average price.

    Next is a mint leather interior to swap thats why I was watching an equipe with full black leather on gumtree and barry posted in the spotted section as its now on pistonheads but I have got the one I am after now, was looking at that eunos as they have a lot of black leather interiors but I have the one I am after

    I was going to buy this Equipe on fleabay, take the number plate off and put on mine as its value is around £1500, put the lights back to standard and paint the wheels to normal and swap my interior and then resell but the other parts are more important, but would love that reg number

  • Good stuff mate! JDM loveliness here you come :D
    had to be done being the right colour 8)

  • @9afd081b73=youdirtyfox:

    Good stuff mate! JDM loveliness here you come :D
    had to be done being the right colour 8)

    Cars like that dont come along often plus the bonus of all of it in my colour too will be great, the wraparound spoiler is going to be swapped for my standard one I kept in the shed, the rest wont really notice missing off the car as they are add ons.

    The wraparound may well stay in my shed too because I love my raised RS too much at the moment

    1. Awesome! Nice catch. It should definitely have the power folding mirrors too.

    The J-Spec lip will leave quite a few holes in the bumper that the standard lip won't cover, so it might be easier to swap bumpers with the lips still attached?


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