Jesta's Project: Fenrir

  • thats the slam panel isnt it? Yeah thats one of the thinks Im looking at, ive got some gloss red high temp brake caliper paint that is going to be used on the calipers and rocker cover, then im undecided on either A, polishing the intake/plenum which is alot of work, or B, gloss black the intake which is the easiest option and one I quite like the idea of anyway as its no maintenance, unlike a polished aluminium which will stain and corrode with time, and it adds some contrast to the engine, more so when there will be vibrant mountain dew coloured grounding kit wire and red HT leads around it. Got another of those grounding kits for free! it turned up today, messaged the seller saying it hadnt arrived, bought it on 12 Nov, made the enquiry on the 19 Dec, so gave fair amount of time, anyways, they sent out another one, but one kit arrived in the first week of jan and then the other arrived today,

    thanks for the comments :)

  • Well done on the clean up…. that is one shiny car ya got there fella!!!

    Keep up the good work!!


    btw... ya selling the other earthing kit? :wink:

  • Sorry bud, these spare ones are going on my gf's car. It only cost £11 anyway with free deriv-arie from china. Can find the link if you want, saw some blue ones too. These ones arent solid green/yellow, theyre translucent lime green with aluminium/silver plated strands. Came with a gold plated battery terminal bracket and bolts, but this is china gold plating so…..

  • Yeah… give me the link.. i'll have a look-see.



  • found it quite amusing that is weighs 323 grams



    they also sent me a £3 off voucher in each kit, needs to be used before 13th Jan, code is A72RQQQRUS and T4APDDGQCP, if you use the code please say which one youve used incase someone wants to use the other one. Ta

  • Thanks Bud,

    Just bid on Blue… and will try 1st code when bidding ends.


  • Dude love that earth kit. Your definately not going to mix them up with anything else. might have to steal the idea for mine. if no-one minds ill take the 2nd code as well.

    At this point I think Im just going to run away giggling.


  • lol, feel free mate, isnt like its my copyrighted idea anyway :)

  • Ok,

    Ordered and paid for, was unable to redeem the voucher on checkout, but have emailed asking for the discount to be added retrospectively….

    Waiting to hear back from them....

  • how did you get on with your kits? have you fitted them, did you get the discount?

  • Got the kit… sitting in the boot of the car atm... Not got round to fitting yet.. didn't get the discount, apparantlythe discount only applies if you buy off their website, not off ebay... but was still cheap as chips anyways!!!

    I will fit the kit when i'm on speaking terms with the engine bay of my car again!!! :roll:

  • @730c8121ea=HammyGlos:

    I will fit the kit when i'm on speaking terms with the engine bay of my car again!!! :roll:

    like that is it? oh dear, not missing out by waiting, be nicer to install in summer when you can spend a day without cold hands or getting wet, still havent done the p clips

  • Got hold of some civic projectors recently that were to be replacing the headlight, but theyd already been attacked and I didnt hold out much hope for them, after a bit of head scratching I turned them into something useful, and awesome!

    Split open the unit and stole the projectors :D

    Bit of jiggery pokery and hey presto…...


    Fogs and dipped beam

    Now I dont need my headlights except for full beam, so will try playing around with the bulb, only got to bend the tab out the way for the dip beam and that will just leave me with full.

  • Nice job, they do look a lot brighter :wink:

  • looks effective, unlike the standard decorative spots/fogs.


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