[Roka] MX3 v6 Saku Souro Projet (race car)

  • Setting :


    • Coilovers D2 STREET
    • Front upper strut bar CUSCO
    • Front rear upper bar CUSCO
    • Front brake : pads EBC green + stainless + grooved discs
    • Rear brake : pads EBC ultimate + stainless + grooved discs
    • wheels 15" KOSEI + T1R 225x55x15" for daily drive
    • wheels 15" CESAM + slicks for tracks day


    • White paint


    • Wheels WORKS BELL with quick release
    • 2 seats RRS
    • 2 belts RRS (4points)
    • 4 points cage (home made)
    • 3 manometers ZENKY (T° and pressure oil, T° water)

    MOTOR :

    • Filter APEXI
    • Oil radiator SETRAB

    Somes picts for my MX3 V6 from 1992

    It's 4 years ago !

    2 years ago :

    The track's day august 2009 at LOHEAC

    At the end of summer 2009

    Track day at FAY DE BRETAGNE (44).

    Track day at VIGEANT

    Pack CRN/EBC :

    Front :

    Rear :

    First car it's me :D :


  • looking good, wondering what you have done to the dashboard vent :wink:

  • Elle est tres belle ta voiture!!!

    Bienvenu au site….


  • I like the induction headlight :) Got halfway doing that on a spare light, then got lazy :lol: Looks great white and on coilovers.

  • What everyone really wants to know is "where did you get the Cusco rear brace from?" 8)

  • i realy like this car love the seats and youve also gave me a few ideas for my track car
    realy looks good in white witch is funny cos i just painted my white one blue lol

  • @216c81ac0d=nightstalker:

    What everyone really wants to know is "where did you get the Cusco rear brace from?" 8)

    I have buy my rear CUSCO with a garage in France "W-autosport". If you want this part, you can contact Nick from SURUGA PERFORMANCE, he leave in Japan and he can had this part.


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