HOW TO - Tell a KLZE from a KLDE

  • How to tell a KLZE from a KLDE:

    KLZE will have:

    **-**KL31 xxx marked on the heads
    **-**KL01 or KL31 stamped on the camshafts [KL01 for ZE's from Millenias, and KL31 for ZE's from MX-6's]
    **-**Square runners, either curved neck [Millenia] or long straight neck [MX-6] manifold.
    **-**No EGR port on the rear exhaust manifold is definately a ZE, though some ZE's have come with EGR.

    KLDE will have:

    **-**KL xxx marked on the heads.
    **-**KL01 cams
    **-**Round runners, short necked manifold

    Both can have Ford OR Mazda valve covers.
    I've also seen a few KLZE's with KLDE intake manifolds on them.
    The main thing is going to be the head code. That's going to tell you what's inside.

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