Project: It aint broke, lets fix it.

  • Okey Dokey, recently aquiring an Equipe off DJMARCOPOLO of this parish I now for the first time own a car that has a snowball in hells chance of not only lasting a year but being financially viable to MOT.
    It has to be said at this point that I have been driving for 8years and have managed to get 2 cars through one MOT each in that time, one on a punto worth half what it cost to put through and the other on a clio with a blown HG that died a week later.

    Suffice to say now I have hope I am going to try my hardest not to bugger the thing up by "fixing" it.

    However my current list of things to do include;
    Due to some shocking bodging by Mazda for my radio I am going to have to rewire in a block to attach my radio to.
    That and some small cosmetic touchups. simples.

    How hard can it be…

  • LOL, that mazda bodge was a whopper, I would have gone nuts I saw that in my car, bet the guy who did it started at halfords for his apprenticeship

    Anyway, all that wiring loom for the radio I left a small piece of wire on the end of each cable so you know what does what. The colours are all standardized for car stereos including that one.

    The little bit of plain coloured wire on the end of each wire is this

    Accessory is ignition so the radio goes off when you take the keys out
    Yellow is permanent battery feed so it remembers the stations time etc
    The diagram has 2 blue cables, most radios just have one, thats for electric ariel or if you are fitting an amp the trigger to turn it on when the radio goes on.

    The long black wire I fitted in there because the original one fell apart when I moved it and thats the earth.

    All the speakers are the same as the diagram and if you want better speakers in the doors and back ( recommended as the standards are only 15w each)
    The doors, the panel is just clipped in - pop off with a screwdriver and you will need an adapter to fit modern speakers in (link at bottom)
    The rears are at the top either side of the parcel shelf, 2 screws hold them down that you can see under the parcel shelf, lift that up and put them in there.

    TIP… dont fit 6x9's in the parcel shelf, because when you go to sell it you will find it puts buyers off because it looks like its been boy racered with the 2 big holes and also they start to collapse with the weight on them and will eventually just fall in the boot
    Try and cut one from MDF and cover or paint black or buy another shelf fit a piece of wood across the shelf underneath in the raised bit to give it enough strength to hold them

  • Right thats done, I have sound again. looking pretty good too. pics to follow.

    Now all i need to do is fix that funny noise. then onwards!!!


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