• We have had a bit of a rush on memberships in 3 months so far we gained another 38 members since 1st november 2010.

    Out of those 1 has started a work log !!!

    Only 1 person said hello on the newbies page

    21 people havent even said a thing :shock:

    out of 38 we have grown 1 regular daily poster
    welcome jesta 177 posts in 2 months - good going :D :D

    another 4 people come on the site regularly to read and post now and then
    bit more guys please if ya reading this.

    I just wonder what the other 33 have done :?:

    I bet people are on here just downloading the manuals etc and then never giving us another thought like you would with a £5 whore.

    I now we cant do much about it but its a shame that more people wont get involved, saying that the response I have had to Japfest for 2011 has already been impressive, wait until I require money from them all hahaha

  • Easy, Add a forum you can only see after 50 posts.

    Put the downloads in a thread in there.

    Put instructions in an normal thread

    I've removed the EPC from my hosting after it getting hammered by over 500 people downloading it in one night and the host wasn't very happy.

  • someone nicked the link then and posted on another forum :evil:

  • That's my thinking as well.. :@

    If it helped them, I don't really mine, it's why it was up there but could have been asked dammit :)

  • I totally agree with Lori, set up a regular posters only area for manuals etc.

    In the defence of new ppl, I think there was a thread knocking around about how we have 600+ members and only a small handful of regulars.
    Seems that us newbies follow the same vein.

    That being said I do admit I have been a trifle tardy with the newbie thread + build thread, I blame Xmas lol.

    Hopefully some of that should be corrected today. fingers crossed

  • Nice one, hope to see some pics up soon, hope she is running well for you and hope you can save some sponds to go to japfest and meet us all

    For JAPFEST this year to get more interest and more cars there I will be using the members list and PM'ing an email to every member in the list, thats 600 people because the PM's will appear in their inbox on their private emails and then they will sign in to have a look at the message.

    It might get some of the quieter members involved if they know there will be loads there

    Also as many standard cars as possible this year too just because its a car show dont be embarressed because you havent spent £5,000 on your engine.

  • Remove all accounts that have 0 posts in the last 6 months… :)

    bye bye lurkers.

  • @76ee8e2bb7=Lori:

    Remove all accounts that have 0 posts in the last 6 months… :)

    bye bye lurkers.

    or posts under 5, 1 of the 38 only joined to list his car and that used 3 posts

  • maybe people dont post much becuase
    they dont have any problems with there
    cars wich would warrant a help topic?

  • @0e5d5bd5bc=djmarcopolo:

    a £5 whore

    **Ah, I see you've been to Portsmouth.

    A site I admin at has nearly 200,000 members (excluding spambots and those who have been banned to death) now and no more than 6,000 of them have a post to their name. - we're lucky to have 1,000 actually active members. Our highest online tally, including guests, is 7,575.

    All sites have a member signal:noise ratio of forty or fifty to one. It's just the ways of the internets. It's not necessary to make it harder for people to sign up, or for them to participate in the site should they choose to. It just is that way.**

  • How about having it so that all the forum threads are open to public (dunno if they are as Im a member 8)), including the workshop manual one (i may be able to provide a mirror if needed), for the manual to be downloaded you could always request a donation of £1, people will pay it or look elsewhere for a free one, if they pay then it helps fund this forum. Theres no point having a mod/admin verify the account, use one of those spam letter code things instead, cos if they register and wait to get verified, then they may well have found the answer in that time anyway. All new users are limited to reading all the threads but only being able to start a thread in the newbie and project section for their first 5 posts, and they must be relelvant posts, not just constant bumps until they reach 5 posts, afterwhich, they can apply to be unleashed onto the forum.

    The reasons for this…

    If people can read all the threads and harvest the information without joining, then they can, if all they wanted was the info and not to chat, then they wont sign up on a bogus account just to have access to said info. I admittedly often find myself doing this just to find the answer to something i need to know but its locked to users only, in a forum or website that I have no interest or wish to ever return to.

    As for the workshop manual, if you turn that into a registered user only file, then thats what youll get, reg'ed users, downloading the file, then never posting. Or posting junk posts until they can unlock it.

    If they are forced to post in the newbie and project log only then it will mean that everyone is able to become familiar with them and their car, so people know who they are talking to and about what car is in question, since the first post from someone having a problem is, my car has XXX problem.... to which the subsequant reply is, what car do you have? They should still post what car their talking about, but atleast it then means you can look at their project log for furthe info and pics.

    Im also a fan of a £5 registration fee, not cos I like spending money, but cos it means the forum is free to view, but you have to pay if you want to participate or ask for help, which means that the bills get paid by users, who are ultimately the ones that should pay, why should the forum owner be the one paying for stuff when its other people than benefit from its existance, I did see the donation page already and a whole lot of people sent double what ive suggested as a registration fee, which I think shows that the £5 is therefore very do-able if you are serious, or you need help from a forum with people who are specialised in this particular vehicle. For me, thats a very good deal.

    My own stuff...

    I never posted in the Newbie section as when I joined it was empty, so figured nobody bothered and no one would read it anyway.

    I havent started a project log because I havent done anything yet, except clean, polish and hang an air freshner, but that changes in about 20 minutes, if I can saw a pipe in half with my £1 hacksaw i bought today at Poundland!


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