Why the hate for the front fog lights?

  • Why to people remove them so much?

    I love having my piss poor quality lights at the front, gives it a more drive the seat of your pants feel at night when you can't see jack on the road..

    Ok, so there not the MR2 Turbo ones that turn with the rack so they always face the way the car is going not just directly in-front but come-on.. why the hate guys?

    Love em or hate em!

  • First time removal 2008 - they were in the way of my cold air feed
    Second time - they were in the way of the intercooler

    Other than that, I think they look pretty decent, but performance comes first over the illumination of the front lip :lol:

  • My "spot" lights (they are not actually fog lights) are constantly on due to the poor lighting given by the MX3 lights (and I has got them mad tyte 100% better light bulbs!). When I turn my "spots" off, it is a scary moment (and I didn't help the fact by black backing the lights either).

    If anyone wants to know, it is no longer an offence to drive with your "spots" on or have plates like mine (ie. the rising sun or anything other than the euro GB thing as long as the spacing and font is correct) these laws have been relaxed.

  • I removed mine becuase the surrounds
    were rusted and loooked fuct so it let
    the whole of the front of the car down,
    plus it looks meaner without them just
    to have to vent holes there for brakes or CAI
    … and they aint that pretty to start with the
    way they potrude out!

  • i removed and completely cleaned and refirbed mine, very happy with them. Even tho i do need a cold air feed :(

  • I love my spots, just get some much brighter bulbs in there and they seem to be great, or get rid of your side lights and indictors , smooth in the hole left and use the spot light hole if you dont like them

  • i do like the spots but the whole is a good air intake so ive got the spots in the daily runner and removed them in the track car

  • You are lucky to have fog lights.. here in canada we don't have them :( a lot of people would be ready to pay a lot to get their hands on one of your front bumpers and fogs…


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