Dropping gear stick

  • Hi, I have the dreaded dropping gear stick and its starting to get worse I have just been to mazda and it looks nothing like the one I have fitted, he doesnt understand how they go together and it doesnt show the rubber bush that just clips into the center.

    I have what he has listed for my car but on mine I did not have 4 bolts fitting upwards. Is this the bit around the outside that the rubber bush goes into thats hidden under the soundproofing ??? and I just have to replace all of it.

    Mazda's own diagrams are crap, just want to make sure it is correct as mine looks nothing like that or is it the bit in the middle thats dropped out and that plate is there but I have never seen it before lol

    Its part number 46-020a

  • There's a topic on the us forum under FAQ somewhere about this issue. They just manufactured a bracket to keep the stick up.
    Or you could just fit in a shortshifter.. :P


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