Peoples thoughts on air filters and induction

  • Not at all, its hard to sort fact from fiction on the internet, so a well thought out and detailed explanation is always a worthy one to read! :)

  • Basically if you let more air in after the air meter that measures how much air your engine is sucking in the engine will be running lean. On a high compression engine that is already tuned and timed lean then running leaner at high performance requirements IE WOT with high revs will produce detonation and rough burn patterns. Knock sensors will pull that timing right back resulting in quite hefty losses of power.

    Basically computer see's X amount of air and puts X amount of fuel in and advances the timing to X producing the maximum power it can from any given engine. Put X+1 air in with the computer only seeing X air then The amount of fuel going in is not enough and the timing is too far advanced to light the mix properly. This is a big problem in turbo charged cars but still a factor in normally aspirated high compression performance engines.


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