Oil filter removal.

  • hi, on my v6 1.8 im stuck gettin the oil filter off, not been changed in a while by look of it ,bought a tool(non chain one argh!!) and it wont come off.Any ideas and to confirm which way does it turn to remove? clock wise or anti?

  • lefty loosy righty tighty. thats how i remember. would say chain but u could not get one. been told run engine a lil bit as expands the filter, loose then be careful wait to cool. part from that it sould be able to be undone by hand.

  • put a hole in the bottom to let the oil drain out. put a bowl under it to collect the oil. wack a screwdriver thru it then turn it anticlockwise looking from underneath. job done :D

  • done the screw driver trick and it just tears the filter.Man this is solid !! lol the tool i used was pants. it wasa handle with a strap that supposedly tightens when you push it round but it had no teeth or grip and just slipped.What about the chain removal tool?

  • chain is good. actually can lock the teath of the handle in to the linkage of the chain. then as you pull the handle in the direction you need it bites in to the filter giving a better grip. failing that. im out of ideas. next time make sure rub either some copper grease or oil around the filter rubber.

  • willl do. Im on it today. :)

  • dont use copper grease on your oil filter….. once fitting the new filter use some new oil and lube the rubber ring at the top

  • sorry ment on the screw connection not the rubber its self ( as this does not come in contact with circulating oil), where it connects to the base plate thingy. lol. stops rust. the oil is on the rubber etc. sorry if confusing been very late nights

  • nightmare job.Taken off the mating part too now so i can take it to work and get the bitch off.

  • ops :oops:


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