WTF is going on

  • I bought a set of almost new Kerr Nelson leads from a car being broken in a scrappy but they are different in length to mine even though I have a photo of them fitted and the car was a runner.
    The new ones on the front bank are about 10mm shorter than the standard ones
    The rear ones are about 5mm longer.

    WTF is going on with these, they came from a 1992 UK standard mx3 and yet they dont fit mine, I didnt think there was any variation with the spark leads but these are well different and the front bank dont even touch the plugs so they are useless

    Anyone know what is going on :evil: :evil:

    Heres some pics to demonstrate and a pic of the car they come from.

  • Well, the lengths dont really matter that much.. Im running k8 leads on my klze which are much shorter than standard. Also some of the wires are loose in those rubber connectors. Look into them at the metal clamps and you'll notice the wires that are a bit too long have the clamps deeper in the connectors.

  • I have just had a brainstorm and think I may have sussed it out, I have used a thin flat screwdriver and broken all the glue around the caps and leads and now pushed the caps back a bit on the shafts and cable and reglued them so they are the exact length now so hopefully that has done it. :D

  • What a bit of luck, was just looking for some info on the K1's as theyre pretty pricey at £85, once youve had a run about in them can you let me know if theres any improvement in running at all? Not bothered for the crazy bhp gains hype, just interested in whether Im better spending my money on some of the high volt £55 leads or some of these, theyre £30 more so itd be nice if they actually made some improvement to throttle/mpg/smoothness


  • Not too noticable.. I do have a set of the red HT 8mm wires available in about a week..

  • Cool, whats the price, brand and how long have they been in use? Cheers, J

  • They are Kerr Nelson K1's available from probestore at £85

    They seem great, with my new induction kit there is no flat spots anymore and they made a noticeable difference with the kit on performance and running, give it time will see if they will pay for themselves and see if they have made any difference on fuel as a better spark should burn more fuel vapour = better performance and running

    There are 2 types I have the older type in the newer car but no biggy now I figured it out, check probestore, these are the earlier ones it could be that I have the K8ZE and its slightly different anyway

  • :) thats the cheapest place I found them and I got a few bits to order from there anyway. RE:Cost - I was talking to SstennizZ about his spare leads

  • well a while back i brought the kerr nelson 1.8 leads for my ze cus they were cheaper and i assumed they would be the same but the lengths were completelty wrong i can only assume this might be the same.


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