No washer jets!

  • hey peeps. All of a sudden, I have no water coming out of the jets. I cant hear the pump, front or rear, but the wipers still work. I checked the fuses, for the wipers, and of course these were ok, any other fuses I need to check, or could it just be frozen??

  • I had this with my first MX3 the stalk has a little relay fitted on it that can burn out, the only way to fix this is by 2 ways.

    Take the cable off the pump and put on a volt meter, it maybe that there is not enough voltage geting through, mine had 7v whens its meant to be 12v

    1 - basic way is change the stalk on the column from one in a scrappy but it could happen again

    2 - slightly more intensive way fit a relay in the system and take a feed direct from the battery then the low voltage will flick the relay and give you plenty of power straight from the battery

  • thanks Mark, BUT, i think i fixed it. I took the car out for a drive for about an hour, got home, parked up, tried the washers, and the pumps are working again. I suspect the original fluid in there wasnt very good, id intended changing it before the snow came but didnt, so probably the water in the pump had frozen. I checked the fluid in the rear bottle the other day, and that was still frozen too!

  • mine stays frozen for about 30 miles in these conditions but i only use water and washing up liquid so i kinda ask for it.

  • on aged old trick is to reroute the washer jet piping and wrap it around
    one of the coolant hoses several times, so as the engine heats up so does
    the washer jet supply water.

  • nice idea, i might do that….


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