I turn right and my handbrake lght turns on

  • hi i have a small problem with a hand brake light that likes to turn on when i turn right has any one had this problem. I also have a problem with the normal breaks every time i use them a hazzard light turns on and i dont kno why cause i have changed pads and discs all round about two months ago .

    can any one help cause i got mot in two months time thanx

  • ive never heard of that one before. im a bit new to the mx3, does it have pad ware sensors? thats a tough one.

  • had that the other day. also was on a right hand lock up hill however. not the pads as far as i know as only had the pads and calliapers done a while back.

    therefore i need help also.

    ps i was low on fuel filled her up same hill today and nothing. was just wondering where is the fuel warning light also

  • no I don't think it has any pad sensors. It's really weird. It started happening about two weeks after I changed the rear discs and pads.

  • yeah the fule light is bottom right under the fule guage if you have aftermarket white dials you wont see it because they dont have a hole for it

  • thats fuel not fule ive had a long day

  • ops better to remember to keep just no lett than 1/8 tank. as was just off red line

    thinking about the hand brake light. it was only there for a split second. there for im just wondering if it was the glow on the new dials. or would my wires running next to hand brake being a part. as go amp cables next to, led cables etc also got a line splitter to dvd player from earth on hand brake

  • If you've been doing some DIY wiring, and this problem has only surfaced since then. You might have got something crossed, a break in a wire, a bad earth.

    Might sound silly, but have you topped up the brake fluid reservoir? the sensor in that is known to be very sensitive and just a fraction below the normal level can make the light come on under hard braking or sharp cornering. Check and top it up, also check the pipes and hoses for leaks.

    Chances are if you've had new brakes recently, the level will have changed slightly.

  • my wiring was all done in summer. just noticed it the other day. could just been the bright red on dials. will look at brake fliud tomorrow

  • never thought of that ill have a look see if thats the problem

  • no luck the resivoir is fine i think its going to be a guarage jobbie

  • hadnbrake cable to tight ?? it happen to me on my corsa when the handbrake cable was tightened

  • you may be onto something cause i did replace it ill have a look cheers for the advice mate

  • no problem bud


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