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  • I have a set of 17" konig tuner 2's on the car at the moment, absolutely love them except they stick out a little and catch everything even going up drop kerbs but as its christmas soon people are skint and desperate so near me I have found an 18" set of these with new tyres for a fraction of the price with the same PCD 4 stud for an MX, for £200 I am very tempted :D

    They are antera 501's

    anyone good with photoshop to plug them on the side of an mx

  • Nice looking Rims… I think they'll suit the car nicely..

    Quick Mockup......

  • I'll be honest DJ. The Konigs are not to my liking and neither are those despite the price. I think the car looked much better on the standard wheels done in white.

    If you want big wheels I'd go subtle and dished, those just look like they belong on some OTT plastic kitted Rice mobile.

  • Havin seen the Konigs in the flesh, they do look better in real life
    than in the pics tbh!
    Those Antares are Ok I guess, but 18's!!! will be really heavy wont they
    and the tyres wont be cheap to replace in the long run?
    15/16 x 8J FTW :wink:

  • Thanks for the mock up hammy, they do suit it actually I quite like that look.

    I wanted a bit bigger to fill the arches more but I know that too big and I dent the tyres.

    The konigs I love but because they stick out 1" from the tyre wall just pulling into a garage at the wrong angle they clunk and I am a bit bored.
    The other option is,
    I buy them try them, any problems sell them when the market recovers so I dont lose anything on them.

    I may go for it, any probs sell them in march when people have money again :wink:

  • I think they look great, if you get them put some photos on.

  • If you don't buy them, I'll have them :wink:

  • @204cb5313f=mx3gulf:

    If you don't buy them, I'll have them :wink:

    I am pretty much 95% sure the klze goes today so I will use the cash and buy them, If they dont go well on mine then they are all yours gulfy.
    I know the have 4 new tyres on there so they are worth the money so will try and get them and fitted by the end of the weekend.

  • Ok no problem, hope you sell the car

  • T'was sold yesterday or today.

  • sold car yesterday and collect wheels at weekend :D

  • I like them :)

  • Hmmmm



    Went to get me new alloys today and they werent what he said they were he forgot to put the word LIKE in the description and did not recognise the logo in the center cap :roll: but I am not too dissappointed !!!

    They are 18" WOLFRACE - ASIA TEC WARRIORS in shadow chrome,
    they have a good set of tyres all round ( not matched but 2 pairs continental + pirrelli) 235/40/18

    Set of richbrook flushfit tyre valves :D

    also got a full set of 20mm spacers chucked in with them

    Pretty much mint condition all round and got them for £180

  • they look nice but 235 profile? i hope they dont rub too much. i had a set of 19" dare motorsport alloy on my mondeo with 235 profile tyres and i couldnt beat the arches out far enough to stop them from rubbing. i have 15" lorber alloys with the stock 195/55s on. but yeah they are a nice set. i like wolfrace alloys

  • I'm leaving!

    Wolf disgRace!….... sorry but, big 18 inch fail! I'd rather put Steels on my car. :cry:

  • best choice for mx3 is R16 205/45 or 35.
    with 45-50 mm drop.
    with r17 it starting to look like cow on ice.

  • only problem with 16s is they are an expensive tyre. also for some reason the 5 in th depth profile bumps the price up more. i will stick with 15s but will change to 50s as they seem to be the cheapest profile that will fit my wheels. would rather have a good brand of tyre on 15s than pay the same for budgets on 16s. anyway did you get the wheels on bud?

  • dunno though I got 16 205 55 on mine full set for £340 :D

  • I paid 130 pounds delivered for 4 x 195/50/15 Toyo T1r's
    as they are pretty much the most popular size in 15's

    main issues with bigger wheels is the weight of them :P

  • Trying to find a set of 17's over xmas, bought 2 sets so far and the sellers are knobs and just keep messing about so I still have no 17's
    I will find a set soon then get shot of the 18's


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