Rear Washer Jet

  • sorry, ive had a search and cant find anything, an dim not sure which section to post! anyways, my rear washer jet isnt spurting forth the fluid!

    I can hear the pump, and can see a tiny splatter of water but nothing major…the little nozzle seems clear, so is there something i need to check??

  • Remove everything so you can see the fluid pipe.

    Run the motor (Via the controls) you can see if the fluid is moving up the pipe ok.

  • Someone else had this problem earlier in the year, I'll have a scout to see if I can find the thread for you. :wink:

  • @537ea9b1e9=nightstalker:

    Someone else had this problem earlier in the year, I'll have a scout to see if I can find the thread for you. :wink:


    had this problem earlier in the year


    earlier in the year

    Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:30 pm

    Sun Dec 23, 2007



    Sorry nightstalker, couldn't resist.

  • Lol, eh? I could have sworn it was this year as I've only been on a year…....... :?

  • @9768abcd6f=nightstalker:


    nice one, looks like a bit of work for me this weekend…

  • It has only been 8 months - I resurrected it in April because I had the problem too :D

  • hey peeps, just thought id post an update on this, to explain what ive done to fix this issue.

    Fancied a bit of tinkering this afternoon, so decided to look at the washer jet pipe on the rear. Removed the rear plastick trim by the boot lock, removed the side plastic trim, upper trim that houses the seat belt and unplgged the speaker for better access. I could see the pipe was absolutley fine from the washer jet right up and through the seat belt area (so I suppose removing all that trim wasnt neccesary). I followed the pipe and realised I needed to at least unclip the trim that covers the rear pillar. I yanked off the top part (lost the metal clip but retrieved later using a hook) and I was abel to see the pipe. Again, no splits in the pipe, but I could see black gunk in there. Un clipped the rear inner roof panel, where I could finaly see the connection from pipe to washer jet. I removed it and pulled it out through the boot area and removed the white wotsit that houses the ball bearing mechanism. This was basically gunked black. Gave it a hot water bath, and used a needle to remove the gunk, then re connected to washer pipe and hey presto, working. so spent a little time washing out the pipe before reconnecting.

    Everything is fine now, but I suspect I need to somehow break down the black gunk within the pipe so that it can be spat out over time, still, im very pleased that a little niggle is now sorted!


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