• ok, silly one i know, but whilst im thinking about it….

    ive got this aerial see, on the drives side roof. it only has one in when you clsoe the top half, its still sticking out too far and would break in a car wash this normal?? can seem to remove it easy, is there a replacement I can buy?

  • It should retract all the way down until the black end fits snug into the mount point.

    Ebay do the shark fin (BMW Style) ones.

  • cheers Lori, ill look again, and if it doesn retract, ill take a pic and post…

  • Some just remove it, fill the hole, sand it down and spray over it.

    I've never used a Radio in any car.. DVD\MP3 for the win :)

  • hey chaps, just a follow up on this. I removed the aerial mast cover, to try and work out why the aerial wont retract. I found that although the aerial cable was pretty much in several peices and kinked down the pillar, the aerial still wouldnt retract with the aerial wire removed!

    so, I now need to buy a new aerial wire, and work out why the aerial wont retract down the pillar, any ideas??

    im open to the idea of just filling the hole and spraying over, but what are the alternatives for a good working aerial? I dont use radio THAT much, but its nice to have things working as they should!

  • Hi,
    I had a problem with my aerial. It was sheared off by some charmer before I got the car. I removed the rectangular roof mounting but could only pull out approx 10cm. The cable is clamped somewhere under the dashboard. I cut the cable and then removed the broken aerial stump remaining. I found I could fit a length of brass rod (3.15mm diam. from memory) The aerial is a single rod which slides up and down the plastic tube which slides way down inside the windscreen pillar. This tube is easy to cut away from the aerial top mounting. You can then push the replacement rod into the fitting and then solder a nut at each end to stop it pulling through. I then soldered the inner and outer cable connections and refitted the plastic tube on the mounting.Relocating the tube back down the pillar is a bit fiddly. BUT mine now works ok…

  • ah, i see what you have done, very good idea, ill have to consider that as a plan, thanks!


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