Two Problems

  • Right firstly I tried fitting a new radio in the car this morning which somehow managed to blow the room fuse which resulted in the dash clock and the interior lights going off as well as the radio not working, the second thing is I noticed the remote central locking no longer works on the passenger side???? could this be linked or maybe this happened before i blew the fuse. Going to replace the fuses tomorrow anyone got any ideas how I managed to blow the fuse in the first place?? Cheers

  • Well i replaced the fuse and everything works fine, its just it will blow every time I try and fit the radio…....... cant see what im doing wrong really......might have to get professional help

  • i had this problem with the radio someone wired in previously. but it totally burnt the dvd unit out. resulted me gettig a new one.

    it resulted from a live wire shorting out.

    1 you have wired the live "piggy" back style with another live so when start car results in double power blowing fuse.

    2 there is a bare wire at back of unit that you did not notice and its shorting out by earthing it's self.

    if you want the stereo on also all the time. bypass the ignition wire and split the power feed from the battery so you would have one wire to the head uni that is always supplying power, for you memory settings. then another wire going to the main power feed that will use to power cd player etc. this is what i have done so when keys are not in there the stereo is always on. make sure you also run extra in line fuses. where you put in exter connections. as i would not trust the stereo fuse. as power must enter the stereo to short the fuse out. therefore acts as a back up.

    need more help get back to me. always been wiring stereo's, amp's and speakers in to cars. so i should be ok on most things.

  • constant live is never a good idea imo, drains battery and open up a whole lot of furture problems, are you using a tester to find out which wires are which ???

  • Thanks for replying. There are no bare wires loose that I can see, problem is the radio i bought (pioneer DEH-P6900IB) has a harness with it that connects to an aftermarket harness which then connects to the mazda factory harness…... if you see what I mean. the only thing you can change is the battery connectors or the acc connectors for the ignition but I cant see why that would blow the fuse.

  • Going to get some more fues in a mo, trying to find a test kit i had around somewhere. What a pain in the a**e.

  • Success, tried to wire it up again and this time no problem, works fine. must have been a power surge or something…..god knows.

  • Welcome to uk-mx3

    Glad you sorted out your stereo, stick some pick of your car in the projects section so we can have a look at what you've got.

  • further problems??

    i just just checked my sony book and it also said this is ok as got total protection. it allows all settings to be kept. also just ordered an ice battery for boot which has build in led's


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