Tyres for winter

  • Hey, i want to ask what tyres you guys using here in winter time?

    Because my car now is with BF Profiler.
    And also have winter tyres.

  • I've found Toyo Proxes T1-Rs to be very capable winter tyres. It shouldn't be surprising - they're a soft compound with an aggressive tread pattern, and most winter tyres are too. The large grooves don't accumulate snow very easily so you retain a lot of grip. Red has only been defeated by snow/ice once - a hill in Wales with three of us in the car and two dogs - and even then had I been able to maintain momentum rather than having to stop for another car who was being useless, she'd have conquered that one.

  • uniroyal rainsports are good also

  • I have DONG FENGS, they cost £125 for a brand new set of 4 205/45/17 low profiles, for burning around the souths sh!t roads they are great and have never had a problem with grip, depends what you want out of them.
    If its trundling to work they are great if its ripping around at 100mph a lot or tack days they are probably not.
    You get what you pay for but things like these have to be built to certain standards so even the cheapies must be a certain level.

  • @8b344217bb=djmarcopolo:

    I have DONG FENGS

    Sorry to hear that. Are you taking antibiotics?

  • :lol:

  • LOL I love my dong's


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