Central Locking and Alarm FOB

  • so these are my FOBS

    but i cant seem to activate the central locking, only turn the alarm on. The buttons dont seem too responsive, any tips, can i get new fobs??

  • sorry i cant help with the fobs as i dont have remote central locking. i think the alarm will alarm itself from a key. if its just remote central locking you are after then there is alot of equiptment on ebay for less than 30 quid. i wouldnt botherwith the alarm that comes with it but its cheap for remote central locking

  • cheers, ill have a scout around the internet. at the moment, car locks fine with key, and presumably the immobiliser kicks in. Ill need to get new keys cut though as they are starting to bend a bit…

  • Mx3 is notorious for snapping keys in locks so I would get a few cut! Keys are just so easy to sit on and become weak.

  • The way to stop your keys snapping is oil your locks regularly they dry out very quickly in mx3's for some reason and itdoesnt help that the key is the same size as a carvig knife.

    The fobs are the new style fobs, better than the earlier ones made of cheap plastic with crap buttons
    The alarm, immobiliser and remore central locking were all sold seperately as optional extras.
    You may have 2 buttons but only one will work.
    To check if you have remote central locking you need to take the drivers side door card off, the passenger side is fitted to pretty much all MX3's so no point lookng as there will be one in there but look for a solenoid fitted to the lock mechanism on the drivers door. If there is one, it maybe that it has a solenoid and its broken or not getting a feed to it for some reason.

  • thanks for the tip Mark, ill get some new batteries tomorrow first and try again, because part of the problem is the actual pressing of the button, the effect is like a flat battery, or shite button!


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