• Hiya, I have this Jspec MX-6 and someone just by looking at the top of the engine is trying to batter me down because he claims it is a 2.0l KFZE just by the photo.
    The engine is all original, the mounts havent been touched, on the gearbox the bolts have never been touched everything says original.
    But this bloke is starting to annoy the sh!t out of me

    Can anyone on here tell me that just by this picture this is a KFZE engine for definate and where is the plate on the engine to prove it.

    Thought the difference is the inlet manifold pipes, mine are square that you cannot really see in the picture and the KFZE are round

  • Look like a ze. Get the number off ecu ( kl36 if auto ) and vaf should be je50

  • can anyone tell me where the head code on this engine is please :D

  • sorry no help!, i and two other mechanics could not find engine code for the life of us when i needed it for reg doc!. And engine was on a pallet!.

  • have a look here on the other side should see the code kl31-101 or kl31- 1a1 iirc

    KL31 - is klze just kl- is a DE

  • One on the picture is klze. Intakes are different.. Kl on picture is a straightneck. Kf is more like a curvedneck..
    Headcodes are on the inner wall, between the covers and under the intake.. And why whould they swap a 2.0 kf in a mx6? Thougt only the 323F BA had those stock..



  • Looks like a KLZE to me, KFZE looks similar though.

    Very few KFZE MX-6's exist in UK.

    In the 'V' down on the side walls of the heads you'll see KL31 stamped.

  • heya, Thanks for the help, It turns out 2 polish guys are trying to lie me into sellng it cheap so I gave them a big tablet full of F*$k offs , The inlets are square although the picture does not show it properly and everything is original on it, I have found the KFZE seems popular in fords but cannot really find many mazdas of that age with them in.

    Anyway I have relisted it on fleabay and the offer for the whole car to a club member is still open.

  • the kfze has k8 head with different cams and valves.
    look in my project thread man and you'll see a disected kfze

  • @21d38fa7ad=robx1r:

    the kfze has k8 head with different cams and valves.
    look in my project thread man and you'll see a disected kfze

    How can a 2.0l engine have 1.8l heads?

  • i didnt design the engine, but the kfze i took out of a car had k8 heads which had kf cams k8 exhaust valves and kf intake valves the engine ran and pulled 168bhp before i got it

  • As a child, did you try to fit the cube in the round hole? How the hell do you suppose a 2 liter piston fits in a 1.8 liter head? Dont you mean the valve covers?

  • you mean the cylnder block?

    the heads have the valves camshafts etc the block has the pistons, crankshaft etc. the block is kf but the heads are k8

  • Yeah but arent the cylinders from a k8 a different diameter than the cylinders from a kf? Or is the difference just in the height of the piston itself?
    If the diameter of the cylinder is different, I cant imagine they put a head with smaller diameters on larger cylinders.. The valve champers should have the same diameters as the cylinder itself right?

  • i havent dissasembled the k8 and the piston should never get near the head mate,

    has anyone a k8 piston around?
    the kf piston is 77mm by 45mm

    and the rod is 110 from the bottom of the gudgeon to the top of the bearing journal

  • So if a kfze head has different cams to a K8 but the same heads will you get an improvement from sticking kfze heads on a K8

  • i dunno mate


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