• ok on my way to work and i started hearing this horrible noise while driving. pull up when outside and my driver side wheel is at a 40 degree angle from the car. as the titel says WTF happend and why did it happen and idea wot the problem is?

  • **40 degrees which way? Horizontal (toe) or vertical (camber)?

    Either way, I'd put money on a bolt going walkabout somewhere. Does the wheel still move with the steering? Check the bottom of the strut where it mounts to the hub - two bolts here. Check behind (in terms of the vehicle itself) the hub for where the steering arm mounts to it.**

  • its wheel bearing :(

  • Wheel bearings a a mjor prob, surprised it just collapsed and didnt make a rumbling noise for a while before, if it was passenger side I have a complete hub assembly sat here for the front

  • well i still got my green car thank god. so im just gonna swap the whole drive shaft with hub assembly.

  • lol dude you have some luck. Also surprised at that level of failure. Still getting a new bearing pressed in is a £10 job for someone with a press.

  • im kind of suprised till i read a post from the guy i brought it off a while back?? if its the same side it might be because he put an ebay special bearing in 2 years ago :(


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