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  • Hi guys ,sorry to start another post on this but car been looked at and they said oil pressure seems major low and advised not to drive as can hear bottom end knockin if revved so should be ok at mo if not driven.Recons its oil pump but will look on monday properly.Seen on american sites im lookin at $111 so recon gonna be big money here.Whats the average time on this job to replace? 3 hours? 4 hours? and where can i get mazda parts .i.e oil pump at a good price?

  • If your new to cars then about 4 hours including oil change and flush. (though not done it on an Mazda only on Ford)

    Take a look in the manual, that will give you a better idea of whats involved.

    0845 408 0930 - Try these guys, they are usually well priced.

    Who looked at the car and said pump was gone? Just make sure it is the pump thats gone before you replace it.

    Has it been tested for leaks?

    How do you know oil pressure is low?




  • no not been tested for leaks as never loses oil,the level never drops. Theguy who checked it recons its def low oil pressure as its upper and lower rattles. Tho he will test it monday with a pressure tester.

    Sorry bout multiple posts admin.Wont happen again.


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