Screaming cold fury!

  • I got this really loud screaming coming from one of the many belts, this is only when its cold, anyone else get this? is there a cure? can i spray it with something lube like?

  • Yup, Me too… I reckon its the Serpentine belt on Alternator (I'm Hoping) Hence why I asked for help to change the belts....

  • As a quick fix put a bit of talcum powder on it, make sure there isnt much excess though

  • thanks, kinda don't know which belt i am pampering though? :oops:

  • Usually fan belt which is attached to big fan at front of engine bay, there are a few though so not sure. I would go for that one and see how it is, still screeaming try another. However be warned this is temp only and you might have a white cloud of powder coming out the back of your car lol. Needs replacing really, shouldnt cost that much i cant say for sure cos never had it done.

  • So is it jars to fit a new fan belt? Or is it just the alt belt that's a bugger?

  • Sorry cant help you furthur im more of a quick fix man but would pay garage for stuff like that especially now its bloody freezing outside.

  • Rover v8 has a belt driven fan, mx3 has an electric driven fan silly barry!! lol.
    Belt drives alternator, pas pump, air con pump… think thats all.
    Does sound like a belt, usually common for this time of year with damp air causing less friction.
    There should be i think a threaded rod near that area, this can be adjusted to put more or less presure on the belt. However is your belt is worn you dont want to just add more pressure to cure the problem as your be putting loads of pressure on all the pullys etc, and wont do things a world of good.
    Try and have a look and make sure there is definately good teeth on the belt if so just adjust it up.
    If your not sure i would buy a new belt kit from and get one of those mobile mechanics to fit it, as there usually a bit cheaper than garages and handy for SIMPLE jobs only not requiring a great deal of skill.
    Dont just call one out to have a look as they will prob just tighten it up regardless whether its knackered or not just to get a quick fix.

  • @7e334d44bd=Garfy1981:

    Rover v8 has a belt driven fan, mx3 has an electric driven fan silly barry!! lol.

    Oh yeh, so it does…. :oops:

    But it defo a belt slipping no doubt.

  • The adjuster for the alternator belt is in the wheel arch on the end of the engine its a long bolt that runs up the side.

    It will be your alternator belt if its at the start up, as the cold can zap the power from a battery and the alternator has loads of power drawing from it especially as you will get in with the heater on full and headlights plus any power the battery loses overnight.

    Get a new belt and fit it, they are dead easy to do and cost under a tenner.
    If your belt is knackered its easy to tell that if you look at the grooved side you will see loads of tiny cracks in the rubber.
    Its basically find the tensioner screw (12mm bolt head) undo it and the belt will be loose, just slip it off and slip on the new one and re tighten and thats it.

    If it was power steering it would only do it when you turn the wheels as that is the only load on it :D

  • Mines been screaming like a mental case for some time now. I had a look to see about changing it, found the alternator belt and fan belt, looked at my hands, looked back at the tiny tiny tiny amount of space, shut the bonnet and took it to the garage.

    The adjuster bolt is near the firewall, on the drivers side and the amount of room you have to play with (going in from the top) is miniscule and I'm not one for rolling on the floor what with the weather conditions at the moment, I've left it to someone who has a lift and a bigger hammer than me :lol:


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