Water pump problem

  • Hi all, fitted a new water pump and cam belt sunday to equipe number 3

    The pump went in fine as well as the usual shenanigans getting the timing right on the belt but right at the end I hit a problem.

    Putting the pulley back on to the end of the water pump it is slightly different, there isnt the large bit that sticks out to center the pulley its just a very small one about 10mm diameter instead of the 16mm pin then the screw holes do not line up the screw holes are about 2mm closer to the center than the standard pulley.

    I have got round it by elongating the holes and just doing it up that way but I want to know for the future if I need to buy a different pulley or is it just the brand of pump I used as it is definately for an MX3 and fits fine.

    Anyone else come across a difference in pulleys

  • Have you checked the numbers stamped/etched/formed into the side of the bearing/pulley? Could be that the wrong pulley was supplied, havent done a pulley myself but on bearings there is a number on the side for identifying that the bearing is being replaced with an identical spec one. HTH

  • THere are two types, 16mm(early models) and 32 mm spigot (94+). Sounds like you got the wrong one! You could get the pulley from a car of which that waterpump belongs.

  • Thanks Marco, I will look for an early breaker to get the pulley from, it was sold to me just as a V6 pump that there werent any differences

  • Dunno if this is of help, but on page 3 it gives early model MX3's as a fitment. Its in the USA but the GM and ACDelco part numbers are listed. Do check as Im not sure if its what your after, it just came up when I searched for MX3+Pulley.


  • Thanks jesta, its the wrong one, thats a tensioner pulley, I need the water pump pulley, its just a disc that bolts onto the end of the waterpump.
    It has a large center with 4 smaller outer holes for the bolts

  • How large a disc are we talking? I has metal lathe


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