Next year?

  • So then folks it's getting closer, the end of the year and a new beginning, 2011 is creeping closer and closer. So what are your plans for your cars?

    I know that if I keep mine I'll be going big on it! This means a total strip down of the bodywork, cleaning it up and getting it resprayed, I'm already looking in to getting the bonnet sorted out and redone in silver :shock:.
    I've been looking at new wheels (and I'm thinking 16 inches in white with a nice poke and tuck).
    Definitely gotta be put on some coilovers cuz lowering springs just don't cut it.
    I am dyeing the whole of the interior (whether I sell or keep) black.
    Hopefully source out another supercharger, or if I find a pit of money, turbo the damned thing!
    I'm even looking at body kits! But I can't find anything that isn't OTT (still loving the Erubini front bumper but hard to find, nothing nice for the rear found and still contemplating Civic sides).

    Come on people. What are your dreams for next year?

  • Turbo'n it
    fit some recaros
    import front plate on the side
    respray and mod front and rear bumper
    tinted black rear lights
    nice system

    yeah and find some corkin skirts that fit :lol:

  • @78114d257a=Lori:

    Buy This

    looking at the price of these I may get one when I sell equipe 2

    My plans for 2011 is to get the other equipe as original as possible, do a few car shows with both together then sell her late august.
    My daily equipe will hopefully be lowered, decatted and lots of tarting under the bonnet now

  • If i had the cash, I'd buy that one right fuckign now.


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