Vacuum in petrol tank

  • Hi guys, went to fill up the fuel tank today and when I unscrewed the filler cap it let out a collosal sucking/hissing sound, guess the tank vent is blocked, but does anyone know where it is?

  • they all do that when you have been on a run, mine does it everytime I fill up and every MX i have had before did it too

  • Both of mine do\did it.

  • Snap, prob just from petrol sloshing around getting a bit of fizz, i expect its worse on a warm day.

  • The sucking noise i get at the petrol pump comes from my teeth at looking at the price per litre when I remember my first trip to tesco's in my ford cortina in 1992 was 47p :cry: :cry:

  • I miss my bike

    £10 a tank @ 240 odd miles.

    Now it's

    £55 a tank @ 200KMH

  • Don't get me started :roll:

  • Remember racking up massive miles in my first months on my bike, super unleaded was 89p, went to shell yesterday for some v power and its £1.29 owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwch still, its cheaper than my crack habit.

    Well its good to hear that everyone elses does that, but theres no way it should do that, tanks are meant to have a vent to allow pressure build up out aswell as allow air in to replace the fuel being used, if it isnt then you get a vacuum and your engine is being starved of proper fuelingm gonna see what i can find in the manual and have an inspection of the cap. Might be an oversight by mazda, or somethine cos its pretty strange we all have it, even if that does make me not worry about it, i still want to know whats going on cos it sure shouldnt do that.

  • A lot of other cars do that!

    It's just good pressure in the tank from fumes, etc!

  • I dunno, good pressure wouldnt be bad (obviously cos its good!) but its hard to tell the difference just by sound between it being pressure or vaccum. Heres my plan, im gonna get some masking tape and some cling film and seal tha petrol tank in as soon as it starts hissing a little bit, itll take a few seconds but it should show which way the air is flowing. Will post up what I find

  • Or don't worry about it coz it's normal?! ^^

  • Except that it isnt normal, it might be on mx3's but petrol tanks should have a vent.


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