• I am currently on the search for the best deal I can find for rocker and inlet manifold plating in the UK, I have found that plating aluminium is a bitch and needs to be built up with layers starting with etching then copper plus more.

    I fancied going for nickel plating because its got that gold tinge to it but have discovered something even better, if you go for nickel plating you can add a final coat of your own.
    The whole process is exactly the same for gold plating, you need a nickel plate finish to go completely gold and to go gold you can buy a kit on fleabay for £60 and do the final part at home in a cat litter tray (without sand or poop)

    I will post a list of prices up when all the quotes are back in and see if they will do a group thang for us if we arrange collection and delivery.

    Does anyone want anything plating by the end of the month, top of engine is looking at around £100 for V6 front rocker and inlet :D

  • will anodising not work?

  • Will look into that, the price I was quoted and the price when I turned up on the door was shocking ( 4 times the quote :evil: )

  • I'll ask who we get our plating done by at work if you want

  • yes please, I got quoted around £100 of those to be done, when it comes to it it goes up to £400 when they go off

    T*553RS !!

  • prettty sure its this place Keith, n not sure if they actually do anodizing, sorry, but might be worth checking out other finishes wich could be intersting/unusual like alochrome or chemical brightening
    Key Plating Ltd.
    Quay Lane
    PO12 4LJ (Road Map)
    Tel: 023 92504987

    but there is an anodizing place just down the road from me
    RBM Anodising Ltd
    2-4 Seagull Lane
    Emsworth, Hampshire PO10 7QH
    United Kingdom
    tel: +44 (01243) 373013

    although you might fiond one nearer you


  • Thanks for those I will be on their cases, I have tried my local one, he refuses to do ally :cry:

  • Have you thought about powder coating? I was quoted around £40 to get my rocker powdercoated.


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