HOW TO - Fit a short shift gear stick

  • To fit a short shift gear stick selector you will need

    12mm spanner
    12mm socket plus long extension
    either 2 car jacks or 1 car jack and an axle stand
    long nose pliers
    1 phillips screwdriver + 1 flat screwdriver
    white grease


    First remove the center console surrounding the gear lever, there are 2 screws under the ashtray, one screw and a clip either side in the foot well and a screw either side at the join just under the handbrake.
    Unscrew the gear knob and then slide the trim over the top

    Next is to jack the car up and make sure it is safe to slide underneath
    In the center underneath you will see where the stick exits through
    There is just a 12mm bolt that runs through the end, undo this and the bottom part is now free.

    Back inside, use a pair of pliers or the flat screwdriver to prise the large spring out that holds the bushes in at the base of the stick. Once out pull the gear stick up and the bushes should all come out with the rubber protector on the bottom.

    Now get the second jack and go back under the car and wind the jack up to take a little weight on the edge of the gear stick mount.
    Now the arm is secure so it won't push the rubber mount out of its seat underneath when you put pressure on it fitting the new lever

    Put the rubber cover onto the new stick, it does slide over it eventually and also remove the 2 green plastic bushes from the bottom end of the old stick and place these in the new stick after the rubber seal.

    On the design of stick above, put grease around the outside of the metal bush and grease around the inside of the mount.

    Push the mount in as far as possible, if like the one in the picture the join is so tight it wont go by hand then use the hammer and the end of the long extension bar to beat the new bush into place, remember to go around the bush and hit once at a time to make sure it enters evenly.

    Once in as far as it will go you need to fit the spring back if the bush is easily pushed in by hand or with the one pictured it was so tight it does not need the spring refitting and can be binned.

    Now go back underneath and remove the second jack and now reconnect the connecting rod back to the end of the gear lever.
    Make sure there is a locking washer fitted as this may come undone if not refitted !!!

    Lower the car back on its wheels
    Now refit the rubber washer on the top of the mount and refit the center console

    JOB DONE !!

    close range gear linkage now fitted


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