I am losing the plot

  • Well I could not resist a little flutter and WON :D :D :D
    I now own 3 MX3 equipes now, I just bought another with the waterpump gone for £105, MOT just out and 1 month tax left. Its booked for the cambelt and waterpump next thursday, the car failed on rear brakes for MOT so they are here waiting too and the week after back in for an MOT then she will be up for sale in about 3 weeks :D :D

    This is the beaut just here, only about 30 mile drive this time :D


  • :o Bargain! Congrats!

  • I want them rims dammit!


    Would someone please keep you off a PC, your dangerious!, How many Equipes to you want!..

    Next post of yours will be a want to rent some land lol

  • Hmm land sounds good LOL

    I have been discussing the future with this one with my mechanic/dad, it has 175k on the clock and the guy who owns it has toured europe in it. I may break it if the condition and history isnt there with it otherwise its a £500 car with 12 months ticket and the work and MOT will total about £400.

    Yes Lori will have the leather door cards and the alloys so if anyone wants other parts if its worthwhile I may split it down and keep some panels for me.
    If i drove it straight to my local scrappy I am £15 up on the deal instantly so it maybe for spares soon.

  • has it got leather seats?? any pics??

  • sorry just checked the link, er the drivers side seat looks pretty scabby?

  • ok its' monday, hes gone to pick it up…


    IMAGES I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Surely the neighbours will think there is a hint of obsession with 3 identical cars on the drive.

    Still atleast you can just swap the plates and tax disc over and one set of insurance covers all lol! Prob frowned upon tho in the eyes of law! Lol

  • @d0b99fdfba=jamesshack:

    sorry just checked the link, er the drivers side seat looks pretty scabby?

    Pretty scabby….. Looks like it's been to Afganistan! :lol:

  • OK towed her home last night in the dark for 45 miles that took 2hrs on the back of my car with a yellow beacon on it. If you want to get less than 10mpg out of your MX tie another behind it :lol:

    This morning got to see it in daylight for the first time OMG its like it just rolled out of the showroom, there are NO dents in it anywhere, the only fault with the body is a 2p size blob of rust on the rear wheel arch and a 4" light scrape on the bumper and that is it, it doesnt even have stone chips in it the paint work is mint :shock: :shock:

    Couple of other goodies with it is that it only needs the waterpump and cambelt doing and a set of rear pads for the MOT, it doesnt even have surface rust underneath its in amazing condition under there.
    In the bag of paperwork he has lost the service history :cry: but it has a booklet with all the mx3 image line extras you can purchase that I have never seen before, has pictures of the RS spoiler, stereo systems etc that you can purchase as add-ons in the UK.

    The car is in full original condition except the drivers seat tear, it even has the OEM remote central locking with 2 fobs and the mazda alarm fitted and it has the very top of the range mazda clarion tape/cd multichanger fitted in full working order. It also has over 50k LESS miles than he listed it with.

    I will NOT be breaking it I am afraid ( sorry Lori )
    I will be taking the wheels off as it has a brand new set of tyres and replacing with another set of Equipe wheels I have and I will be removing the CD multichanger for the other strictly OEM car and then it will be MOT'd and up for sale with a full service under its belt :wink:

    My phone broke so pix will be taken tomorrow :D

  • Daaaamn :shock: Sounds a real bargain!

  • Had a real brucie bonus round this afternoon, we started on the waterpump on this and I went into the boot to find the tool to remove the wheel centercaps and under the carpet is a full set of ORIGINAL MAZDA MX3 FLOOR MATTS with the mx3 logo embroidered in. I know they are definately mazda ones as they have the locking buttons mounted into the carpet to stop them moving.
    I did see them on MX3.com once so I now have a set of these too, also there is an OEM cassette holder in the dash under the stereo so I now have 2 of them :D

  • Nice buddy..



  • You jammy git :D


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