Well and truly sick

  • As you know I'm tidying my mX3 up to sell it on to get an MX6.

    So, I got home from work today and thought I'd have a pop at taking the "ripple" out of the drivers door, took the door card off and what I found (apart from a totally shoddy mess behind it!) was a rather awkwardly placed strengthening (haha, I've seen more strength on a Twix!) beam right where said damage is, so in a word or two "The damage is there to stay" (or my initial outburst "what a FKING PILE OF FKING SHT! WHAT THE F*K!!!?" followed by lots of kicking inanimate objects and slamming of doors).

    I'm completely fed up with this car, it is now just becoming a drain on me, if I want to make it look semi decent, I now have to find a drivers door as well as the passenger wing and new front bumper, I'm tempted to torch it but I'd only get £400.


  • @660a73f1c4=nightstalker:

    I'm tempted to torch it but I'd only get £400. :evil:

    I would buy a broken lcd 42" from ebay , then torch it on the way home from comet after buying a 42" led on a credit card by slightly removing the fuel line, you are insured for contents of the vehicle. Send the receipt and the video evidence from comets that you actually bought one back to the insurance, you sold your car for the £400 from insurance plus the cost of replacing the 42" LED TV that cost £1500 that you swapped into a mates car you get a cheque for £1900 and you sell the other TV
    Should get you £1200 for your car at least
    NB; insurance fraud is ILLEGAL and is not condoned by this website in anyway or by my twisted mind and this posting is purely a "what could be done" demonstration for theoretical purposes only

  • Or you could go out and mug some old ladies


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