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  • @646c7c3f15=Jesta:

    Im all for DjMarcoPolo's idea

    Sounds good to me.

  • @3f8093efb4=barrywhite21:


    Im all for DjMarcoPolo's idea

    Sounds good to me.

    and me,

    If it's easyer to do the guides in something like word, change em over to PDF (I can do & host them as well) that way they can't be edited and there easy to print off.

  • You could always save them at hi res jpegs, then using html have them locked to the site, theres an easy enough way around it but i shouldnt imagine most folks know html code. What I was thinking here was if you apply the file as a background image then overlay it with a transparent image, you can see the file no problem, but if someone tries to copy it by using save image etc then theyd be selecting the trasnparent file thats over the top. It wouldnt be difficult to get past, but might deter some people, that way you could keep it hosted on this forum only, alteratively you could run it as a flash file, those are somewhat hard to download/obtain/steal without some half decent software. Maybe Im over thinking security on this…

  • Famine, I'm one of those simple "one-spanner" types, so would love a weekly, how-to guide! Good thinking fella.

    Any chance of an RSS feed? :wink:

  • I am doing a cam belt, water pump, rear brakes, decat pipe and HID kit sunday so I will photograph everything for a big how to next week. :D

  • @b3c50c5e40=jay1987:

    nice1 mate how about

    compound charging, the vris on the mazda's, ttl link on the back of the mx3, standalone management :)

    what would you like to know about standalone management
    i've done a painfull amount of research on it

  • Idle Adjustment, the manual points to a different bit that what I think I have to adjust.

  • @cce97ff425=djmarcopolo:

    Why not have 3 sticky posts graded on difficulty
    beginner - basic tools - brake pads - wipers - basic service
    intermediate - halfords set - brake discs - changing engine components interior parts
    Intensive - snap on chest full - engine swaps - bumpers - rebuilding etc

    **This is more a "general" thing. Like QI, but for cars… :lol: The "How To" bits are the preserve of the "How To" section - this is more a "How Things Work".

    Obviously, I'll stick to using MX-3s as an example where it's possible to do so - we're familiar with them and stuff you're familiar with gives a good base for learning.**

  • Maybe have a misc section, for literally anything else, how to do your own valve clearances on a bike, how to rebuild calipers etc, not necessarily MX3 stuff, but it could be a go to guide for just about anything your about to do, basically anything your doing yourself, someone else might need that same information, after all, we all do other stuff than just MX3's, so why not put that up too

  • **I think that'd pretty much work for the How To… section too. My on-car cambelt How To applies quite equally to the Xedos/MX-6/Probe, but also the principles behind it are sound for other cars.

    I'll run off my "Tyres" one this weekend and we'll see how things proceed from there.**


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