Cooling Issue

  • Just went to top up the coolent and it's not good.

    2X300Ml bottles of water and a smeg load of anti-freeze.

    Also, When the engine is up to temp it's slowly leaking white vapor out from behind the twin rad fans that I can't track down.

    It's also eaten a full tank of oil in just over 1k miles.

    Engine never overheats but does get to temp very quickly.

    Plus side, the engine tick over issue was solved with adding coolent.

  • wow sounds like some issues
    Get up a pic of the white stuff on the rad.
    The oil I am guessing isnt leaking out of the engine anywhere, theres only two places to go.
    1 > up the side of the pistons and being burnt off in the engine
    2 > forced in the water system in the lock somewhere

    The white vapour isnt inside the engine water cap too or any creamy goo on the inside of the oil filler cap, or dipstick or water header tank etc

    water and oil dissappearing, the first thing to check is head gasket

    When the engine is running from cold open the water filler cap on the engine and smell for exhaust fumes, if its been on a run then open the header tank and smell in there.
    It could just be a leaky rad but oil too is a worry and if the white crap coming out is like thick goo its water and oil mixed and the only way for that to happen is through the head gasket

  • Will be taking pics and stuff tomorrow bud.

    Whats the header tank?

  • Header tank is the plastic water tank linked to the radiator through a water pipe, its located on the right on the engine bay

  • Header tank was empty, so have refilled, refilled coolent with anti-freeze-water mix. Will monitor useage

    Rad fan does not turn on so there is a fault down there somewhere.

    Getting teh AC removed on wed, will poke about some more then.

    No exhaust smell from Refil or header tank, exhaust is pure white.

  • Have a look at the spqrk plugs, if there growing what looks like coral on the tips then they are burning more than just fuel mix, is it a v6? i hope it aint a cracked block.

  • Will check sparkys in a few, & yeah, it's the V6.

  • You will have to check all the spark plugs as only one cylinder may be getting contaminated.

  • word to the wise my engine didnt have white mayo showing either but the head was gone best way to be safe is to check if there is any unburnt fuel in your water system. i hope this isnt the case as head gaskets are a big job on these engines :(

  • Most garages should be able to do you a sniffer test, ie checking for hydrocarbons in the water to determine HGF …

  • If it is head gaskets let me know as I have a pair of brand new V6 head gaskets if required. :D


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