Remove the Front Bumper (with Inner Bar)

  • Removing the bumper on a MX-3
    After doing once it’s a lot simpler than i thought it would be. Heres what I did, i think it’s simpler to remove the bumper with the inner bar than try without.

    1. Loosen Wheel Nuts, Jack the car up place axel stands and take wheels off

    2. Remove Splash Guards in Arches and Under the car ( loads of 8mm and 10mm bolts)

    3. Remove the Radiator cover/Air intake (8mm Bolts)

    4. From Under the car almost in line with the lights you will see 14mm Nuts (1 each side)

    5. From above in the engine bay look towards the light between the Radiator and Air-Con Condenser for 14mm Nuts (again 1 each side)

    1. Screws on top corner edge of the bumper/wing

    2. Pull Bumper off disconnect lights (Fog, Side and Indicators)

    3. Done.. Now follow reverse to put back on.

    I took loads of pics when i did this… but you can see ugger all in them.... I can post if required.


  • This is dead handy, I am doing this on saturday to do some paint etc


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